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Another this is incredible

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Bullish count vs. Bearish Long Term Counts – Who’s right?

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Elliott Wave Warns Of Big Idiots Headlining Forbes and Marketwatch

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What Ramki Got Right This Year So Far (2012 Forbes Record = Right 6 times, Wrong 9 Times..40% Accurate..ouch)


Ramki Blunder #9 – Said to buy Guess at 34, now 27 (or lower) Reading

Ramki Blunder #8 – Called for Greece Bottom around 600, kept dropping after that to the mid 500′s Reading

Ramki Blunder #7 – Visa was 100, called for 82…that was the low now 114 Reading

Ramki Blunder #6 – Said OMX would hit 25+ this year…8 months later still 5-6 Reading

Ramki Blunder #5 – Crude was sitting at it’s low at 79, called for 71…bottomed right there and is now 90+ Reading

Ramki Blunder #4 – GOOG was 600, said it would hit 446…didn’t come close, now 700+ Reading