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Daneric’s Wrong NDX Wave Count

From “When will this ending diagonal end? When the expected “corrective” is finally dismissed by even the bulls that expect a correction. When the bears no longer have any shorts of significance to squeeze (and are afraid to short at all for that matter). When the slew of dip buyers have run short onContinue Reading

In Depth Review of Daneric From

This is basically what everybody says about him…Hochberg and Prechter do the same thing..keep calling crashes every day for months until one finally happens..people forget all the wrong calls and flock to the one “right” call…repeating over and over again…but this time around, Daneric and company will be repeating it over and over again forContinue Reading

Daneric’s Current S&P E-Mini Wave Count vs. Ted Aguhob’s Hourly S&P E-Mini Count

I really have no clue what Daneric is doing here…there’s absolutely no fibonacci relationships and his Wave 2 is below his labeled W1. I’ve never actually looked at his S&P E-Mini charts until now..boy does he have no clue.. My wave count has a W1 from 1351 to 1369, and if it holds 1358 andContinue Reading

Daneric calling for a 5 of 5 of 5 top in AAPL

Headline reads: “…Update 5:05PM: Detailed Apple count over the last many months. Proposed extended wave 5 of (5) of primary [5].” Daneric is one of those guys that calls tops every day and years later when he’s “correct” and a top does happen, he gains more traffic to his website and the herd ignores allContinue Reading